Naturally Dyed Nonsuperwash Yarn​

Natural Dyes

Natural dyes are sources of color derived
from plants, minerals, and in some cases insects. Not only is natural dyeing a fascinating and magical experience, but the process can have a lesser impact on the environment than dyeing with synthetic dyes, many of which contain petroleum derivatives

Natural Wool

All of our yarn is as close to its natural origins as possible. No superwash treatment, just a wash to remove the grease and dirt from the fleece then combed for spinning. A great choice for those looking for a luxurious, non superwash, no nylon yarn

About the Dyer

Since I first stepped foot into the realm of fiber arts back in 2017 my love has grown and expanded leading me to where I am today. Being born and raised in the backwoods of Michigan I was always outside as a child which sparked my interest and pure enjoyment with nature

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