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100% Nonsuperwash Merino

246 yds/100g

Naturally dyed with Pomegranate & Indigo

This yarn is as close to its natural origins as possible. No superwash treatment, just a wash to remove the grease and dirt from the fleece then combed for spinning. A great choice for those looking for a luxurious, non superwash, no nylon yarn.

Note on Washing Garments made from this yarn:

Hand Wash Gently. Add 2 squirts of a delicate wash, like Wool & Cashmere Shampoo, to a sinkful of tepid water. Turn the garment inside out; submerge, swish, then soak for 10 minutes. Rinse twice, pressing out the water. Never wring or hang-dry, since wet wool stretches easily. Lay the garment on a clean towel and roll it up like a jelly roll to extract water. Unfurl and let dry on a new towel or a mesh rack. Reshape, or “block,” the knit. You can adjust the fit slightly bigger or smaller, and as the garment dries it will set in place.

Note on Non-Superwash:

Non-Superwash yarn is not machine washable and will need to be hand washed

The superwash process prevents the scales from binding. Some superwash wools are given an acid bath that removes its scales. Alternatively, the yarn can be coated with a polymer or resin; this is essentially a protective coating for the yarn to prevent felting.

A Note on Natural Dyes:

Natural dyes are sources of colour derived from plants, minerals, and in some cases insects. Not only is natural dyeing a fascinating and magical experience, but it the process can have a lesser impact on the environment than dyeing with synthetic dyes, many of which contain petroleum derivatives. All skeins of Knitting Niqabi yarn are dyed with natural dyes, some foraged, and some purchased as ground powder.

I use several methods in my dyeing process to ensure the yarn is colourfast (will not fade with washing or exposure to light), including using mordants, and carefully selecting my dye plants. That said, the colour may change slightly over the years. I see this as part of the evolution of an heirloom quality product that is ultimately biodegradable.

As with all hand dyed yarns, there will be variation in colour and variegation between skeins, especially for the hand painted colours. If your project requires more than one skein, I would recommend knitting them both at the same time, alternating one row of each, to make sure the colours are distributed more evenly.

Colours may appear different on different monitors. I’ve made every attempt to photograph the colours accurately, however they may be a different shade than your monitor shows.

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